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How to rename using AlphaNumeric Action Tab to add numerical and alphabetical sequence Numerical sequence renaming
How to insert and delete characters or text Insert and Delete text in file name
How to search and replace, remove text and characters Replace and Remove text in file names
How to add system dates like created date, modified date and accessed date into file name. add system date in file name
How to rename using General Action tab to rename file extension, change file name case to lower, upper or proper case, remove spaces from file name, swap file name parts Change file case to upper, lower and proper case. Change, Add or remove File extension. Remove Spaces. Reverse file name
How to add folder name, full path or location into file name add folder name, path, location in file name
Mp3 Renaming using ID3 tag and Edit or Set Id3 tag inside MP3 Rename Mp3 file using the ID3 tag artist, title, track number, album, composer
Rename Digital photos using the Exif tag inside photo files Rename Digital photo using the Exif, IPTC metadata
Rename using list of files in Excel sheet Renaming files using list of files in excel and csv format
Managing renaming rules with File Renamer Managing Renaming rules with rule file and automate or schedule file renaming operation and command line




"My experience of using File Renamer was nil but it did not take me very long to master it as the interface was very visual. I found File Renamer to be the best File renamer application for renaming in batch, the myriad of files downloaded from the Internet that have titles joined by dots or dashes. I could not have changed these manually and in this particular instance File renamer was really beneficial."

- Neville Cobb.

"I purchased File Renamer to help me organize my 100's of digital photograph files that date back to 2003. File Renamer has many different renaming options. I can rename the files in a sequential number series - for me this is one of the most useful features. Another very useful feature is renaming files from the image EXIF data, such as camera make and model, date taken etc. It can also insert and delete, replace and remove, add prefixes and suffixes. It is very easy to use, reliable, stable and has a good undo feature. "

- Colin McKenzie.

"I wanted to reverse the order of my music collection - when I originally ripped my CD collection to hard drive. I used the naming convention of "SONG - ARTIST" and now, years later I am using iTunes and wanted to import my old collection into my new iTunes collection so I decided to rename the old collection "ARTIST - SONG" . I found Winsome File Rename to be exactly the tool I needed. It was intuitive, easy, and quickly renamed hundreds of files for me. Winsome File Renamer worked perfectly and quickly. Thank you and I am happy with the excellent programs such as Winsome File Renamer."

- Dwight Barnthouse.